Visit Kapeenniemi hiking destination also in the wintertime

Yada Ruppert |

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Historically valuable sites with varying trails and beautiful waterfalls make Kapeenniemi a special nature hiking destination.

Kapeenniemi is a nature and landscape protected recreational ground with rapids and nature trails, perfect for short hiking trips. The area is owned by the City of Äänekoski. Kapeenkoski and Luijankoski are protected under the Water Protection Act and are part of the Keitele-Päijänne Canal Route.

Dominating feature in this landscape is the ridge called Luijanharju. Luijanharju begins from Laukaa Nurmijärvi to lake Pyhäjärvi on the edge of Saarijärvi. Permanent or visiting fauna include: flying squirrel, otter, hare, deer, white-tailed deer, Koskelo (merganser), mallard, bluebill, capercaillie, woodpecker, hazel grouse, grayling and trout. As well as rich fauna the flora is old and healthy. That includes valuable groves as well as a bog.

Kapeenniemi has several historically valuable sites like Honkaristi, Ristinkivi (the Cross stone), lahkomylly (old mill) and aittakylä. Religion services have been held at Honkaristi since the 15th century.

For hikers the area offers trails of varying difficulty levels, lean-tos shelters, campfires, tent sites and lookout sites.

The licensed fishing area includes Makasiini, Luijan and Kärmekoski. The lowest point of the route Kapeenkoski rapids is reserved for groups only and can be rented as a part of other services. More about fishing licenses and regulations in the area by Kapeenkoski Travel Oy which operates an area in the southern part of the island.

In the wintertime this area is maintained and parking available. The road to Kapeenkoski Kievari is always open.

Address: Kapeenkoskentie 67, 44250 Äänekoivisto 

You are very welcome to hike on Kapeenniemi hiking destination!


Thank you Yada for this translation in English and Valtteri Vainio for the pictures!